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Guidebook to the Extraterrestrial Phenomena

Through the Generations

Richard Smith, Author, "The Moor, The Mason, and the Alien."

"A brand new transformative and illuminating guidebook for the 21st Century"

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Two generational experiencers recently collaborated to publish Signature Of An Abductee: A Guidebook To Extraterrestrial Phenomena Through The Generations, a brand new transformative and illuminating guidebook for the 21st Century by authors Mary Muñoz and Hannah Thoresen.

Have you ever noticed how the everyday rat race no longer feels quite right, as if the world around you is not what it seems? Have you ever sensed that something not of this world has contacted you – and still is? Has it directly affected your worldview with even more unanswered questions? A compelling synthesis of lifelong paranormal occurrences and spiritual awareness, Signature Of An Abductee engages the reader with a thoroughly engrossing odyssey of alien contact, everyday weirdness and personal awakenings, serving as an educational and thought-provoking guide of chronicled experiences and inspirational advice through the chaotic shenanigans of the unknown and the unexplained.

This guidebook is truly meant for everyone and anyone who feels they have been unfairly thrown into the deep end of the paranormal, supernatural or ufological pool in a sink or swim scenario with no sense of direction. Written for a new generation of contactees, abductees and familial experiencers, it serves as an excellent handbook for veterans and newcomers alike, traversing such topics as implants and mysterious marks on your body, missing blocks of time, unexplained medical issues, false positive pregnancies, insomnia and sleep walking, to name a few.

Ranging from the authors’ personal firsthand insights to the psychological challenges we all face, Mary Muñoz and Hannah Thoresen do a superb job of laying the necessary groundwork with a sense of logic, reason and down to earth sense and sensibility. Taking you by the hand, they openly walk you through the otherwise perplexing phenomena of unidentified objects in the sky, strange orbs and aerial formations, bizarre extraterrestrial beings and vanishing entities (you’ll have to read the book!), hypnotic regression, shadow agencies, self-grounding techniques, meditation and memory recall. With its expanded scope, Signature Of An Abductee even goes as far as explaining how such phenomena can affect everything from electronic gadgets to your own fur babies.

The result of three solid generations of paranormal experience and metaphysical insight, Signature Of An Abductee: A Guidebook To Extraterrestrial Phenomena Through The Generations provides a unique, unvarnished and much needed perspective on extraterrestrial intervention, something that can only come from the strength of one’s family-oriented foundations.

by Richard Smith, Author, "The Moor, The Mason, and the Alien."

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From the moment I starting reading “Signature of an Abductee,” I realized that this book is what I needed 20 years ago. As an Abductee myself, bells and whistles were going off with just about every chapter and I found myself reliving many of my own experiences as I read Mary’s and Hannah’s.

I loved the chapter, “Everyday Weirdness,” because I could relate to the number patterns and to the strange odors. As I read both Mary and Hannah’s experiences with electrical malfunctions, I realized we were definitely kindred souls.

Because Mary and Hannah are a mother and daughter duo, they give the UFO and Abductee phenomenon a very unique twist. They have overcome the tests of time and countered the various problems with this phenomenon through finding solutions that can help people in every walk of life.

As I got to the end of the book, I realized that Mary and Hannah are my heroines. Not just for their courage in writing, “Signature of an Abductee,” but because they are continually on a quest for answers and willing to go the extra mile to help people and to let them know they are not alone.

“Signature of an Abductee,” is a must have for all Abductees and anyone interested in the UFO phenomenon.

Mary and Hannah, it is an honor to know you both and I feel very blessed you are in my life. Thank you for the gift of your friendship and for sharing your journey with so many of us.

Rainbow Radaelli 

Rainbow Radaelli, Truth Seeker Highway

"“Signature of an Abductee,” is a must have for all Abductees and anyone interested in the UFO phenomenon!"

Will Champion, Author, "The Dreamland Files"

This is one read you won’t want to miss. ‘Cause it’s. Just. That. Good!

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Got a metaphysical mindset? Want to know more about Ufology? ET Contact? The Unexplained?

Grab yourself a hot cuppa, turn out the lights (but keep a flashlight handy!) plop down into a comfortable chair, and dive in to this remarkable book by the Mother & Daughter team of Mary Munoz and Hannah Thoresen! You’ll get their personal accounts of encounters with strange things science and religion cannot explain in their spiritually based excursion into the unknown, where they face their fears and ultimately gain self-empowerment. You’ll come to know the terror that only an abductee of little Grey ET’s can tell, and the indicators of abduction; the truth about alien implants; human/alien hybrids; and how to protect against otherworldly things that can only occur in dreams (or nightmares!) This is one read you won’t want to miss. ‘Cause it’s. Just. That. Good! -Will Champion           

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